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[MOL] Save Up To 75% on International Calling

		Save Up To 75% on International Calling

..for residents inside AND outside the USA

Here is a sample of our rates To/From the USA:

Rates(US$)    COUNTRY

0.14/min.  Australia
0.23/min.  Brazil - Sao Paolo
0.12/min.  Canada
0.36/min.  China
0.14/min.  France
0.12/min.  Germany
0.10/min.  Hong Kong
0.78/min.  India
0.14/min.  Japan - Tokyo
0.14/min.  New Zealand
0.35/min.  Philippines
0.29/min.  Russia - Moscow
0.17/min.  S. Korea
0.12/min.  UK

- Rates apply 24 hrs/day, 7 days per week
- NO sign-up fees, NO monthly fees, and NO surcharges
- Billing is in 6 second increments
- You DO NOT have to SWITCH your current provider
- Ideal for Home and Business
- For residents OUTSIDE the USA, we have INT'L CALLBACK
  Contact us for complete rate table

Agents Wanted Worldwide:	  

We are also looking for agents worldwide to market our services. 
Very attractive commissions!

Contact us for more information and complete rate table at:


For service information, please type "info" in the subject line.

For agent information, please type "agent" in the subject line.
Please include your full name when requesting agent information.

Thank You!

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