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Re: [MOL] Acute Myleogenous Leukemia, level 5


My nephew Tommy also has been diagnosed with AML, but I haven't heard any 
reference to "levels" or "phases" either.  Just that it's acute or chronic.  
Tommy is 24 years old.

My nephew has also been diagnosed with myelodysplasia, and additional blood 
disorder so his situation is a bit more complicated than the folks I've 
talked to so far on this board.  There are a couple of other MOLERS who are 
very active on the board who are much further along in treatment than Tommy, 
and already in remission.  At the bottom of this mail I've attached some 
links for places I've found.

Tommy's been through one round of Chemo so far but they said he did not go 
into remission and have scheduled him to begin the process for a bone marrow 
transplant and more chemo.  I was going to wait until the news firmed up, but 
we have some more (guarded) good news.

First of all, within just a few days of his trip to Stanford Med. Center to 
meet with the doctors there and to begin the search for a bone marrow donor, 
they have already identified 5 probable matches.  Tommy said his doctor was 
very surprised to have that many that soon, so we are hopeful they will find 
someone quickly.  When he left the hospital 3 weeks ago, they told him he was 
not in remission.  He went back in on Wednesday for another bone marrow 
biopsy, and the doc suggested that he may have gone into remission on his 
own, after being discharged.  With AML, they're thinking he should have been 
developing more symptoms since he left the hospital, but the opposite has 
been true.  He's getting stronger and putting back on weight he lost during 
the first round of chemo (using caloric supliments) and has no additional 
symptoms.  They will wait for the results of the biopsy to decide whether he 
should go back in for another round of chemo (if he's not in remission) or 
just wait until they find a donor (if he is in remission).  So we have a few 
days to wait to see what happens on this one.

Here are the links I've found on AML:

 <A HREF="">leukemia meds</A> 
 <A HREF="">National Marrow Donor 
Program - Steps on Becoming a Donor</A> 
 <A HREF=""> - 
Results for cancer</A> 
&ajparam_list1=29&x=11&y=11">HealthCentral - Centers - Leukemia</A> 
 <A HREF="">Leukemia Society of America</A> 

You've found an incredible forum to learn much about the disease affecting 
your uncle.  I am greatful every day that I found this forum and the 
wonderful and supportive people in it.  Good Luck!

Warmly,  Kathy
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