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Re: [MOL] Attn: Chris

Thanks, Lillian!  Need to check that out for a friend who needs medical help 
and has no insurance - she's currently a grad. student with a min. income.

Thanksgiving was wonderful and my sister and I both said how it feels like a 
lifetime since our family was actually able to "look forward" to a holiday 
without fear - without the fear that my father would be sick or in a rage.  I 
am now convinced that his rages were steroid induced as he is so much more 
like the "Daddy" I've always known.  His sense of humor is back, as is his 
appetite (though he's eating less than usual - he gained 5 lbs.!, his hair, 
his strength, and some color in his face.  He's still not feeling "perfect" 
as he is on the Thalidomide and recovering from the radiation effects, but we 
are thankful for the blessings we have without complaining about more.

Thanks again,
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