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[MOL] Taxol and Kaposi's Sarcoma

To all Moler’s:
>An update on my father-in-law’s condition and possible treatment.
>My dermatologist and general physician have gotten together to discussed my 
>father-in-law’s condition and possible treatment.  They feel it would be 
>better that he undergo Chermo and not radiation at this time.
>The Chemo will give him 1-3 years before the Kaposi’s Sarcoma may come 
>back.  The real question is can an 83 year old with Heart problem,  some 
>Kidney limitations,  vein problems in the leg and arthritis handle this 
>drug.  He is already on nine different drugs to deal with his current 
>They feel he should take Taxol.  Is anyone familiar with this drug and do 
>you have any experience with it? In particular with some one with these 
>problem and advanced age. He is almost 83.  We have a meeting with the 
>radiation oncologist to get his view on this subject as well.
>Thank you for your help.
>Best regards,

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