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[MOL] Re: [CANCER-L] no medical insurance...HELP..may need surgery

Sounds as though things are really tough right now and I want you to know that you will be able to get the help you need.  First off, Call your local American Cancer Society, they will give you some excellent resources.  Secondly, The Department of Social Services will give you a Medicaid card so you need to get in and see them.  Thirdly a hospital that has been built with Government funding can not refuse a patient under the Hill Burton Act. 
MD Anderson Hospital of Houston, Texas is a very fine cancer hospital.  Be sure to talk with their Social Worker about your circumstances.  Many hospitals also have specific programs to help you.  There are also pharmacicutals that will help defray the cost of drugs. There are many foundations out there that The American Cancer Society can put you in touch with that will assist you.  I ask you not to stress over the financial situation; as stress works against cancer.  I know this is easier said than done friend.  Under separate cover I will be sending you a list of organizations that help in these types of circumstances.  Good luck, your friend, lillian of the MOL Cancer Forum.
Warmly, lillian
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Sent: Thursday, November 25, 1999 3:06 PM
Subject: [CANCER-L] no medical insurance...HELP..may need surgery

can anyone help me find a hospital that will "help" me, it is likely I
will need breast
surgery, but I don't have any medical insurance....I am a single mom in
and the job I have does not offer insurance.....I have no credit after
the divorce, so
I can not borrow from banks etc. perhaps there is a teaching school or
some kind
of assistance that I am not aware of.....I really just don't know what
to do or where
to turn....for help....

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