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''''''''''''''''' Opt-In List''''''''''''''''''''''''''
'''You have Expressed Interest in Internet Business/MLM


Tired of endlessly posting your ad to ONLINE CLASSIFIED SITES
that don't get the results you need? The fact is there are over 7000
such sites scattered about the web and frankly none of them
generate enough traffic to be worth your while. Even when
someone does find or visits one of these sites, your ad is hopelessly
lost in a myriad of similar offerings.

Another frustration is search engines. If you are not in the Top 10
forget about high traffic visiting your web site. Not everyone can be
in the Top 10 and stay there, when there are estimates of 4 million
that have a web pages.

You ask, how do we know? That's exactly what we used to do.

The greatest way of marketing this century is undoubtedly direct e-mail.
It's similar to the postman delivering a letter to your mailbox. There is NO
stumbling on to it! The ability to promote your product, service, website,
or MLM/Network Marketing opportunity to millions instantly is what
advertisers have been dreaming of for over 100 years.
IT WORKS, otherwise you would not be reading this right now.

We will e-mail your one page promotion to a list of our general and/or
targeted addresses. The greatest part is, it's completely affordable.

NOTICE: No pornography, chain letters, get quick rich, pyramid scheme,
or any threatening or questionable materials. Don't even Ask!!

* * *  SPECIAL OF THE WEEK: 4 Million addresses on a CD-ROM.

biggest & most popular Internet companies. There are over 4 million
addresses, less than 30 days old. These addresses were actually
extracted, not made by an address generator. Also, these email
addresses have been verified and YOU should receive a

These ARE the very very best out there right now
This CD was sorted/deduped, (duplicates removed) and randomized
in each domain. The purification process includes 12 custom filters,
run against the global remove list and through our 184MB - remove\flamer
list. The EDU, ORG, GOV, Mil, and US domains were removed as well as
domains that asked not to receive e-mail. The CD was run against our
custom filter of 2,284 keywords to remove even more.

Regular price is $399, but if purchased before 11-30-99
Only $299 - PRIORITY shipping is included.

Fax (262) 534-7439 to purchase CD or inquire about direct e-mail
pricing. If you respond by 11-30-99, receive a special discount on our
professional e-mailing services.

Please complete appropriate spaces below and fax to us

Company Name(If applies)_______________________________________________

Name(As on credit card if using)_______________________________________

Address(Credit card billing if using)__________________________________



Shipping Address(If different from above)______________________________



Telephone Number(Used only for contact info)___________________________

Email Address(Used only for contact info)______________________________

Item Description                Quant.           Price

4 Mil. Premium Addresses CD____________________________________________



Please send CD overnight_________(add $10)

OR overseas_________(add $15)

Total Amount______________

Credit Card Type(Circle):  Mastercard    Visa    Am Express    Discover

Credit Card Number_____________________________________________________

Credit Card Expiration Date____________________________________________

--------    OR if you are sending a check, please tape here    --------
(There is no need to send the original)

Thank You For Your Business!

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