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[MOL] what is presidone and what is it used for?

My mother lives in upper Illinois and called tonight all upset from a surgeon who wants her to go back to her internist and have him order her Presidone. She has severe spine problems, bowel excessive, and no bladder control she is 78-years-old.
The surgeon said he wants her on this for 2 weeks and then see her again.Why can't he order this drug for her? What is Presidone and what can it do for her? Are there side effects? I can not find anything on Presidone just Prednisone and I don't know if she is spelling it wrong or is Presidone a new drug that is just not in my Physicians Desk Reference. I am a medical office system student and my mom expects I am to have all the answers for her. Can you help inform me about this matter?
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