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Dear Friend:

This morning the clouds are sliding across the jungle ridge like a snake of long cotton tapestry, the mountains obscured below, another day of delivering medince and first aid services to the Akha Hill Tribe here in northern Thailand.

Yet we need your help, there are more than 280 Akha villages in Thailand alone and our mobile work of supplying the Akha with 24 hour call to their
remote mountain locations with a four wheel drive ambulance needs concerned people.

We also work on prevention, putting in solidly built wells, addressing needs of nutrition, rights to the use of the land for growing food,books in their own language and advocating for just solutions to the impoverished living conditions of more than 70,000 Akha Hill Tribe people living in Thailand who have often been shunted from one place to another during wars.  In Burma there are some 200,000 more and about 30,000 in Laos.

We are The Akha Heritage Foundation, an American Non-Profit organization made up of volunteers who work side by side with the Akha to offer them protection and assistance in a time when they fight to cling on to the
little they have.

Many Akha don't have ID cards or the same rights to travel and economic activity that you and I are afforded. We hope to change this.  The task is large, but with the help of friends like yourself we can accomplish it.

We have been working here for ten years to assist these people and have saved the lives of many with emergency services.

We use a unique Global Positioning Satelite Donor Verification System that allows donors to be informed of where their good moneys have been spent.

If you donate money for a well, you will be given the global coordinates and the well will be there.

Please become an involved friend to this important task, ask about our work and learn about our friends, the Akha People.  

For more information on how you can help please contact


A secure link will be provided for kind donations.

The Akha Heritage Foundation

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