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[MOL] Diane - how did it go?

Diane Peppers wrote:
> Dear Joicy...well..I did it..I now look like G.I. Jane...LoL...(Demi Moore has
> nothing on me tho) My ex-sister-in-law trimmed me right down to the wood. Not as
> bad as I thought it would be. 

[[ Good for you! I had my hairdresser do mine, while my husband
videotaped it; she cried, and i laughed! I liked taking control of it. I
figured ok, I don't have control about losing it, but i can say when and
how! ]]

Tomorrow at work will be a bit strained tho I
> think. People are just now dealing with the fact that I had cancer..now this. A
> young girl at work said something to me as well that made me think. She told me
> I should wear the bald head proudly...it is a statement of bravery and the fact
> that I am a cancer survivor. 

[[ She's right. But something else to consider -- most people are scared
of cancer, and scared of saying something that will be insensitive. So
that's why I decided to not hide the head completely, and to raise the
issue myself with jokes and smalltalk. What i found was, when you're
comfortable with it, others quickly become comfortable with it too, and
often have questions. I decided I could use my situation as a way to
educate others, and to bring positive attention to it. ]]

I guess maybe once I get over the initial sudden
> baldness then it will be easier. As you said, this was at MY hands..not the
> cancer. Altho, like you, I kinda look forward to not having to shampoo, blow
> dry, style....etc..etc. It won't take as much to get ready for work in the
> mornings.

[[ Oh, do I miss that! I have very thick hair and it si so darn
time-consuming; who would ever think you could actually MISS being bald,
> Your daughter is a very smart person. So true what she said. We have enough to
> worry about. We don't need to worry about something else that is out of our
> control. Who knows, I may set a new trend at work. There is another woman I work
> with who has lost her hair as well. We will declare a "bald day"..LoL

[[ I think you should! Hey someone sent me a quote today that kind of
applies in an odd way:

"Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the
street bald and still think they are beautiful."

I did go totally bald at times, and you know, something about it was
just sooo liberating! I will carry that good feeling with me always. ]]]
> How long after the soreness did your's all fall out? I can't believe how sore
> this is. Will it be like this each time after chemo or is this just because of
> the initial hair fallling out thing?

[[ For me, the discomfort was only for a few weeks. Hopefully for you,
too ]]

> I have heard it ocmes back bigger and better so I am looking forward to that. I
> am thankful that I have a boyfriend who has no problem having a bald girlfriend.
> As a matter of fact, he insisted that I go ahead and shave my head.

[[[ yes, having the right partner sure does make a difference. So glad
you have that sweetie, and yes it does come back better and thicker --
which also had my hairdresser worried, since she already has to give me
2 appointments because my hais so thick, LOL! ]]]
> Thank you so much for the words of wisdom. I will let you know how it goes
> tomorrow.

[[[ I hope all went great. And I want you to know that I actually got a
big promotion a year after my treatment. The President told me it was in
large part because of the way I had dealt with he cancer, and yes, it
can be an opportunity to show what you're made of! Bad stuff happens to
everyone; the question is, how do we choose to deal with it? I can tell
you're a fighter, too, Diane, and i know you will do great!

I'm rooting for you! love, Joicy

You may want to check into acupuncture an herbs to help you with fatigue
and other chemo side effects -- I had a really bad reaction to the
chemo, and wow, what a difference it made for me...just a thought :-)
> Love
> Diane
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