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Congratulations Lillian, what a long road you have traveled.  You are truly
inspiring and I appreciate you sharing your story.  Here's to you!!!!

Your friend


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> I want to keep this as short as possible; but felt it important that I
> share it with you.  I am a two time cancer survivor and a 2 time
> caregiver.  The second round of cancer I was allergic to the treatment and
> it created some very serious problems for me.  If I had thought fighting
> cancer was hard, I tell you friends this was even harder.  I got hit with
> some 9 different autoimmune diseases, three and a half year's ago. I was
> fortunate if I could remember the last word I said.  I had inslet strokes,
> enlarged heart, addidsons, CFS, CPS, high cholesterol (from steroids),
> anxiety attacks, no thyroid function and then got hit with diabetes.  I
> have fought a very long hard battle along with my wonderful doctor and for
> the very first time in all those year's I found out Friday that at long
> last all medications are in sync, that my tumor marker was 7 (Yippee),
> blood pressure perfect, sugar level, perfect.  I gave up smoking a week
> ago and am doing excellent in that department.  The last of the good news
> is that my mind is fully functioning now and I have lost six pounds.  For
> those that do not know steroids, one tends to have a horrendous weight
> gain.  I am alive, not perfect by any mean's; but sure enough alive enough
> to smell the flowers, to pick up a grand child, to drive, and so on.  I am
> alive!  So, do I believe in hope?  Do I believe in mind over matter?  Do I
> believe in a Supreme Being?  You bet I do!  Always, lillian
> Warmly, lillian 
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