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[MOL] Diane!

Hi, Diane,
Sorry to hear about your hair, but as a fellow cancerer who lost my hair
during chemo for breast cancer a few years ago, I think you have the
right idea! My scalp also was painful before I lost my hair, but that
will go away. When mine started to fall out, I decided to "go for it,"
and had my head shaved, and I am glad I did -- it gave me a feeling of
control. My hair might have to go, but it was on MY terms! 

Glad you have a wig you like. I never did find one that satisfied me, so
I wore hats and scarves. That actually worked well, because I LOVE hats,
but ordinarily have so much hair I can't find any that fit! So -- the
one wig I bought mostly ended up sitting around (except when my son wore
it to high school to win a bet! and men family friends always liked to
try it on, LOL!)

The good news is that it does grow back, usually thicker and healthier
than ever. Mine is below my shoulders again and even has some extra
curl! but I have to tell you that a part of me actually misses my bald
days! there was something very freeing and even a little radical about
being bald!! And I chose to never really completely hide it (I think we
should be able to wear our heads however we want, and without ANY bad
feelings; mena can -- why can't we?). 

My daughter said something pretty profound about this. She said, how
come people with cancer - who have enough to worry about - have to worry
about hiding their illness, so others can feel comfortable? I thought
about that, and realized that by "showing a little" of my baldness, I
could open the door to healthy conversation about cancer.  I ended up
having some great conversations.

Well, I've run on too long, but know I'm "rooting" for you, and here for
you if I can be helpful in any way. Good luck tomorrow-- you'll be in my
prayers! Love, Joicy
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