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Re: [MOL] Lillian!!

That is great about your hubby. I am glad he is doing well. As you said we me, I
had no doubt.

I have come a long way alot because of you and the people on here. You have all
been an inspiration to me. The hair thingy is very difficult for me to deal with
but I have a wonderful friend at work who is supportive and helps me see the
humerous side of it. As with my kids. They are helping me to shed by raking
their fingers thru my hair. LoL  So you never lost your hair when you went thru
the chemo? I am hoping and praying for a nice looking head up underneath this
mane. LoL

I hope to hear from June. I was feeling out of  touch with everyone. A I said I
was very tired after my chemo. I go back this Wed. John will be here to take me
and to help with Thanksgiving dinner. I can't wait to see him. Bald and all LoL


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