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Hi Mam,
You, Wayne and all your family have our prayers.  Also wish you wonderful 
Holidays.  You are welcome to have a Turkey Day too.  LOLL I do believe that 
I am going to fix a small Turkey with all the trimmings later in the day so 
Don and I all by ourselves can eat by candle light.  Mother is going to a 
really nice retirement home today and will stay there until next Sunday, Don 
and I need some time alone and he right now isn't feeling to chipper, also I 
have been so stressed that I knew it was time for us all to take some space 
from each other and for Don and I to have some special alone time.  Mother 
may have to have surgery on her neck arteries, she had the Doppler test last 
Thursday but haven't heard the results as yet, should know tomorrow.  We were 
going to go to my Daughters in Ohio and to meet a few Molers over the 
holidays is out because of my Daughter and Don not feeling well and the Meds 
we just had to buy for him left us with $160.00 and that is not enough to go 
anywhere to far.  We are going to the Casino 2 hours away today, and we will 
either just have some fun or make our money grow so we can have a little more 
fun this week.  I have a free night stay at a Holiday Inn Motel, so though we 
would do that one day even if it is in town.  I think building some loving 
hugging time together all alone memories will do us both some good right now, 
at least I am looking forward to it.
We also are having to file bankruptcy, there is no way we can continue to 
keep our head above water, and if Mother should leave us there is no way we 
would be able to keep the house with the payments as they are.  We have 
always paid our bills and I find this disturbing but also know we cannot 
continue as we are.
Dons Brother has a return of his Bladder cancer and Don wants to go to Texas 
to spend a month with him as soon as we can, and this might allow us to be 
able to do just that in Jan. or Feb.
When I think about how full and most of the time running over plate that I 
have, I still have to keep that smile and am ever so grateful for having my 
Mother and Don still here with me.  I do take time several times a day to 
thank our God for all that I do have, even though a little more money would 
be ever so nice.  LOL
I have taken a job for Kids on the Go, we drive mini vans and they hold 6 
kids at one time but we never have it full for more then 10 minutes so the 
job is real easy, just get tired, but am getting used to the hours, and I can 
work as few hours as I wish, two women own the business and are very 
thoughtful and just like my daughters to me.  I make $7.00 per hour, so that 
has really helped to get us through the month.
If my Doctor knew I was working he would probably choke me, but it does seem 
to be good for me, less time to think about my problems and I am able to so 
far with the hours I have been working been able to keep up with the house 
work, meals, etc.  I am hoping that for a while I could go full time so we 
could get ahead a bit.  I will not push me further then I know I can handle 
though, I have two wonderful people in my life that are really counting on me 
so they have to come first.
It has been a long time since I wrote to you, also some of the others so I 
guess this will update all of you out there.
Don goes to the oncologist this Tuesday to see what all this coughing is 
about, and the lower back pain too.  Maybe just a virus of some kind.
My Lupus is still giving me trouble, I am still in therapy 3 times a week and 
back to the Doctor once a week, I fell and it set me back to about where I 
started from in July, I didn't and don't like that to well, but so be it.  At 
least I am not back in the wheel chair.
My Son did get home from South Korea and he has to have hernia surgery 
tomorrow in Dover, Delaware.  He is supposed to report to Mountain Home, ID 
Dec. 19th.  I hope to help him drive out there and fly home, if this happens 
I will get to meet Kathy in Boise.  I would just love to meet her, I am her 
Mol Mother, so that would be just so neat to meet her.
I just love to travel and seem not to be able to get out of town.  LOL
Mam, there is an ingredient in cholesterol meds that delete my enzymes, is 
there any other meds that I could take that you know of.  The cholesterol 
level isn't real bad, so I could still I guess get along without the meds for 
that, at least for now the Doc thinks I should be OK.
It has been a long time since I have been so talkative, I think I best sign 
off, I will be boring everyone.
Love to all and have wonderful Holidays, and healthy days for all,
Nanc ():-)
It was so good to hear from you Mam, and hope things get better for Wayne and 
the rest of your family too.  Take care and give each other Hugs from me.

In a message dated 11/21/1999 10:31:33 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

 My Dear Friends,
 Just a quick note to update you on the Rose family. I have just finished
 two exams and a huge case study for clinical nursing practice and am in
 the process of finishing a mental health case study, then I am done for
 the year except for a clinical placement of two weeks beginning of
 december. Wayne has not been very well, the doctor thinks he may have
 chronic fatigue syndrome - he sees an immunologist next week. Needless
 to say, this has caused some hassles for him at work, with the diabetes
 too, and he very nearly lost his job recently. The boss did demote him
 to warehouse duties, but then was had to re-instate him because of
 pressure from others, and three co-workers off sick at the same time!
 *grin* He couldn't have worked it better if he'd done it on purpose!
 Anyway, there are many things happening at the moment, but know that we
 think of you all the time, that even though we haven't been writing, we
 have been following what is happening when we can. Take care of you all.
 Love always
 Mam. >>
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