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[MOL] Molers!

My Dear Friends,
Just a quick note to update you on the Rose family. I have just finished
two exams and a huge case study for clinical nursing practice and am in
the process of finishing a mental health case study, then I am done for
the year except for a clinical placement of two weeks beginning of
december. Wayne has not been very well, the doctor thinks he may have
chronic fatigue syndrome - he sees an immunologist next week. Needless
to say, this has caused some hassles for him at work, with the diabetes
too, and he very nearly lost his job recently. The boss did demote him
to warehouse duties, but then was had to re-instate him because of
pressure from others, and three co-workers off sick at the same time!
*grin* He couldn't have worked it better if he'd done it on purpose!
Anyway, there are many things happening at the moment, but know that we
think of you all the time, that even though we haven't been writing, we
have been following what is happening when we can. Take care of you all.
Love always
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