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[MOL] Cancer questions...from Chris

Hi everyone!  I've been here lurking around, just haven't had much to say - 
or the time to say it.

All you who know me well know that I've passed the one-year mark in dealing 
with my father's lung cancer.  That was in August.  He went through the 6 mos 
of chemo and today finished 25 days of radiation treatments and has been on 
thalidomide for several weeks.  All this, and yet I don't feel much more 
knowledgable about cancer than I was a year ago.  It takes all I can do just 
to keep up with my Dad's current goings-on.

He was told that they will do a cat-scan in about a month because the 
radiation he's had continues to work during that time.  My question is this: 
can people get more radiation after this, or do they have to go on another 
chemo?  I doubt my father will take any more chemo!  So far the radiation 
hasn't harmed his appetite or his energy much.  His hair is grown back - 
thick and pure white!  But my stepmother said his back is so red and burned 
that it causes him discomfort so much that he groans in his sleep!  How long 
before the skin heals?

Thanks alot.  I appreciate the info very much.  -chris r.
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