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[MOL] Chicken Soup of the Day!


Have some chicken soup
and get well soon.

Get Well Get Well

Get Well

It’s Not the End of the World

I’ll never forget one cold night in Michigan while I was on tour with Alan Jackson. A security man handed me a note passed along from a lady in the audience:

Before I received this note I was so pumped up and excited for the show. But the note just floored me. I gave the note to my manager and asked him to arrange for the lady to come backstage to my preshow meet-and-greet area. Soon, I spotted her walking up the hall toward me. She was so happy, her face was lit up with a thousand-watt smile. It was wonderful! I sang the song to her before I went on. The lady was so happy, and I thought perhaps I understood what she was feeling. In her heart, she knew her son was living a better life and that made me feel good in my heart.

Because of the emotion of that song, none of us will ever be the same again. I believe that song completely changed three lives that night. To the boy who had left and was looking down on us, it helped him find his way to the next life. To the mother, it allowed her to feel a certain acceptance and gladness for his leaving and eased the pain of her loss. And it taught me that it’s okay to be excited and high about being an entertainer privileged to bring happiness and gladness into people’s lives. It also taught me never to forget to keep my feet on the ground. . . and to always remember the things that come from the heart.

By Emilio
from Chicken Soup for the Country Soul
Copyright 1998 by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Ron Camacho
Warmly, lillian
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