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[MOL] Martin/Dee

Hi Dear Martin,

Just a quick note to tell you first of how very sorry I was to read of your
mother's passing.
I can relate only to well about losing a parent... However, your
circumstance was so
heartwrenching - what can I say except that I will pray for your dear mom
and her family.
She sounds like a wonderful mother not to mention a very special human
being. I liked
her just from your wonderful description of her. What a beautiful
eulogy!!!!!! I am quite
certain that you have always made her VERY PROUD - remember that, OK!!!!!!!

Second, I am so happy that Barb is improving with each passing day. We all
know that
this journey is a roller coaster but I pray that Barb's and your's will be
on a smooth road for 
a long long time to come.....

Third,  thanks for your kind words to our group and wishing us a wonderful
holiday. Of course, you know this comes right back at you and yours. Please
a wonderful holiday and RELAX like Barb wants you to do.... 

Love, Hugs, and Prayers
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