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Re: [MOL] IP-6 & Latrile

I have been off mol awhile but it sounds like your husband has primary
liver cancer the same as I have. I also had a liver resection in Mar. 97
and was cancer free for 3 mos. I did not have any chemo after the
surgery. When the cancer reoccured I went to MD Anderson and they said
they would have given chemo after the surgery to make sure to get any
remaining cells. Sounds like your doctor plans to do this. I have talked
to the drs. at MDA about radiation and they are not keen on it for liver
cancer. They do use it sometimes for palliative care. It is great news
to know they were able to get all the cancer and your husband has a good
chance to stay cancer free. I had 3/4 of the right lobe removed and it
had regenerated a lot by the time the cancer came back plus the left
lobe enlarged to compensate the loss on the right.

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