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[MOL] I gotcha first!

 Subject: I got you first and you can't get me back+ACEAIQ- read the rules+ACE- LOL
                        +AFw-    +AHw-     /
                  +AFwAXA-     +AFw-  +AHw- +AHw-  /   //
                  +AFwAXABc-    +AFwAXA-     //   ///
              +AFwAXABc-  +ACMAIwAjACMAIwAjACMAIw-  ///
           +AFwAXA-   +ACMAIwAj-        +ACMAIwAj-   //
           --  +ACMAIw-            +ACMAIw-  --
        -- +ACMAIw-   squish+ACEAIQ-   +ACMAIw- --
          --  +ACMAIw-            +ACMAIw-  --
         //   +ACMAIwAj-        +ACMAIwAj-   +AFwAXA-
          ///  +ACMAIwAjACMAIwAjACMAIw-  +AFwAXABc-
            ///    //     +AFwAXA-   +AFwAXABc-
            //     /  +AHw- +AHw-  +AFw-   +AFwAXA-
                 /     +AHw-     +AFw-

You have just been hit with a snow ball+ACE- The first one of the winter. It's
the start of..... Snow Ball Fight '99/'2000+ACEAIQAhACE- One rule to this game....
You can't hit someone who has already hit you+ACE- Now...go out there and hit as
many people as you can before they get you+ACEAIQ-  hahahahhahhaha I got you
first+ACE- and you can't get me back+ACE-

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