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[MOL] some computer humor

Twas the night before Y2K,
>And all through the nation
>We awaited "The Bug,"
>The millennium sensation.
>The chips were replaced
>In computers with care,
>In hopes that ol' Bugsy
>Wouldn't stop there.
>Some I.T. Consultants
>Were snug in their beds
>Others had visions
>Of jail in their heads.
>And Ma with her PC,
>And I with my Mac
>Had just logged on the Net
>And kicked back with a snack.
>When over the server,
>There arose such a clatter,
>I called Mister Gates
>To see what was the matter.
>But he was in court,
>So I flew like a flash
>Off to my bank
>To withdraw all my cash.
>I booted my system,
>And what did I see?
>The date on the screen,
>Said, "1983!"
>The image it morphed
>Into one ugly mug,
>And, I knew it must be
>The Y2K Bug!
>His image downloaded
>In no time at all,
>And he whistled and shouted,
>"Let all systems fall!
>Go Intel! Go Gateway!
>Now HP! Big Blue!
>Everything Compaq,
>And Pentium too!
>Air traffic control
>For New Years Eve flights,
>All power, and water,
>And all traffic lights.
>All processors big,
>All processors small,
>Crash away! Crash away!
>Crash away all!"
>I thought to myself,
>"Lets get out of town!"
>When out through the modem,
>He came with a bound.
>He was covered with bits,
>And slung on his back
>Was a sackful of virus,
>Ready to attack.
>His L.E.D.s, how they twinkled!
>His modulation, how merry!
>But, as midnight approached,
>Things soon became scary.
>His look turned to evil,
>As I read, "Sectors missing,"
>And that sack filled with virus
>Began growling and hissing.
>He morphed once again
>Into problems galore,
>But I laughed when he frowned
>At "Abort, Retry, Ignore?"
>A blink of his icon,
>And the twist of his head
>Soon gave me to know
>A feeling of dread.
>He spoke only half-words,
>As he continued to work,
>He changed all the clocks,
>And said, "Now, whos the alert?"
>My mouse began clicking,
>And he gave me a wink
>As all things electronic
>Soon went on the blink.
>He exited my system,
>To the next node on line,
>He caused such disruption,
>Could this be a sign?
>And I heard him exclaim,
>As he flashed me a smile,
>"Happy Y2K to all,
>And to all a Y2K Good Night!"
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