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[MOL] Amazing Ototoxiticy story in London

Hi Debbie Spenser:

My name is Janet and I have a ototoxicity story for you.

My mother had gone into London's Victoria hospital October 20th, 1999,
for some small elective surgery and ended up getting streptococcus Group
A ("flesh-eating bacteria") the next day. Sepsis/Toxic shock ensued. We
almost lost her. Everything happened so fast and the medical staff were
focused on trying to save her life. She had two more surgeries and
received many strong antibiotics including Vancomycin and Lasix. That
day her kidneys also started failing.

Now that she is out of hospital and recovering at home, she has noticed
loss of hearing in one ear. She was informed this week by our family
doctor that this might be a side effect of IV antibiotics. Back when the
crisis was at its worst, the family heard a heap of information and we
even wrote it down in a clip board (because our minds were fuzzed out)
but nothing was said about probable hearing loss.

Please write back to me and let me know if this hearing loss is
treatable. Is it permanent? My mom would really like at least a little
good news after this experience. And at the least, she'd like the facts.

Janet McLeod

You wrote:

I am an  Audiology student at the University of Western Ontario in
I am presently taking a seminar on ototoxicity ( hearing loss as a
of toxic effects of medication).  I am very interested in patient and
family awareness of ototoxicity.  I would appreciate it if anyone is
willing to share their experience with me.

Thank you,
Debbie Spencer
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