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Re: [MOL] Going to leave for a while or is Digest available?

Hi Redeye,

I know how you feel.  Sometimes there is sooooo much mail (except of course 
when the server is down!)  Here's how I have solved the problem...  I still 
want to know any new info on what my nephew is dealing with (AML), and track 
the threads of the people I've gotten to know... but the rest?  Ok, I also 
will admit to a guilty secret.  It's the delete button.  I really appreciate 
all the time and effort several Mol'ers go through to research all the 
questions we've all asked about our particular situations (Lillian, you are a 
saint!!!), but cannot absorb all of the information or have the time to read 
every mail and look up every link.

You are a great addition to the forum Redeye.  If you can find the delete 
button like I did you can engage or not depending on how you're feeling and 
how much time you have...  

Also, a big thanks to Fred!  Even though I was overwhelmed at times with the 
mail, did I ever miss it when the server went down???  You BET!!!

Thanks to everyone for the love and kindness that is the heartbeat of this 

A quick update on Tommy... He is not in remission after the first round of 
chemo, but is home for another couple of weeks before going back into the 
hospital for the second round of chemo.  He is stronger, happier and readier 
(is that a word?) for the next round.  At least this time he and his wife 
know generally what to expect.  We were all novices the first time.  I am so 
happy he's had this time at home.  And I am more proud of him than I can ever 
describe in words.  The Docs are thinking he will only need to spend a couple 
of weeks in the hospital this time around instead of the nearly 5 weeks he 
spent the first time.  He goes this Friday for the first consultation for the 
bone marrow transplant at Stanford University Hospital.  This forum is so 
full of hope (while recognizing there are bumps in the road) that I cannot 
imagine how I would have sorted out how to deal with all of the fear without 
it.  And as a result, I have been able to give Tommy and Wendy information 
(supplied by you Molers) as their questions came up.  Kudos to everyone for 
being so supportive to anyone who happens by... like me for instance!  

Your friend, Kathy
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