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[MOL] Kaposis Sarcoma

To all dear Molers:

On Nov 10, 1999 I sent this message to all Molers.  Right after that 
transmision I was kicked off the Molers  distribution list and did not 
receive any responses.  Therefore I am sending it again.  Can you please 


To all dear Molers:

My father-in-law is having difficulties with his legs and has been 
diagnosised with classical Kaposiís Sarcoma. The attending doctor is 
thinking about radiation treatments. Until now the doctor has been reluctant 
to perscribe any treatment because of his advanced age ( he is 82) and other 
problem with his veins, arthritis, kidneys and heart problems.

Does anyone have any info and experience with this illness:

Classical Kaposiís Sarcoma (not Aids associated) symptoms,  treatment and 

Best place to have treatment done in the NYC area?
Best doctor in NYC area?
Does radiation really work?
Where to have the radiation done and by whom?
How often, length of duration and how long must the radiation treatment be 
Side effects of radiation treatment?

Please help???

Best regards,


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