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[MOL] New ingredient completes marrow recipe

Subject: New ingredient completes marrow recipe

Dear Folks,

The following is very interesting:

Researchers working with mice have now discovered a way to propagate

blood stem cells in the laboratory by adding thrombopoietin. Prior to

this discovery, stem cells previously died off in a few weeks.

If this method works for human blood cells, it would likely be a

windfall for the treatment of cancer and genetic disorders, and of

course MPDs.

Full details are in the July 6 PROCEEDING OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF


New ingredient completes marrow recipe

  Researchers have successfully cultivated blood stem cells‹the cells

that give rise to all blood cells‹over a long period in the laboratory

for the

  first time.


         Yagi, M. ... and S. Bartelmez. 1999. Sustained ex vivo

expansion of hematopoietic stem cells mediated by thrombopoietin.

         Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 96(July


  Further Readings:

         Seppa, N. 1998. Making use of mismatched donor marrow. Science

News 154(Oct. 26):261.

         Travis, J. 1998. Bone marrow cells can build new muscle.

Science News 153(March 7):150.


         Stephen H. Bartelmez

         Seattle Biomedical Research Institute

         Department of Pathobiology

         4 Nickerson Street

         Seattle, WA 98109

  From Science News, Vol. 156, No. 3, July 17, 1999, p. 37. Copyright ©

1999, Science Service.

God Bless You All,

marty auslander
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