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[MOL] Large HMO to let doctors have the final say

Isn't that how it's supposed to be?? Amazing! Well, hopefully it will
catch on! Love, Joicy

Large HMO to let doctors have the final say
    [11/08/99; Cable News Network]

DALLAS (AP)  --  UnitedHealth Group, the nation's second largest
health insurer, plans to discontinue a type of red tape that
has vexed many patients: It will give doctors, not administrators,
the final say on what treatments are medically necessary. 

UnitedHealth, which covers 14.5 million people across the country,
paid more money to scrutinize and deny questionable treatments
than the practice saved, according to Dr. Archelle Georgiou,
the Minneapolis-based company's chief medical officer. 

Officials said UnitedHealth will announce Tuesday that it will
grant doctors decision-making ability on their patients' treatments,
even if the insurer's staffers believe such services aren't medically

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