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RE: [MOL] Joicy

Dear Jeanne, so good to hear your perspective! Yes, I do think I 
know what you're saying, and it really resonates, because what is 
the ultimate healing to me is the thought of *harmony* in all things 
-- like the famous "peaceable kingdom, where "the lion lies with the 

I regret that I haven't been able to be on line as much as I was 
(less time, plus a son now sharing my ISP!), but please know you and 
our dear mol friends are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you're 
doing ok - love, joicy

>Joicy, this is my experience also. I envison God's healing surrounding,
>enveloping and penetrating my body right down to the cellular level with
>every breath I take. I see God's light filling each cell with healing
>light and normalizing each cell. With my breathe out I watch the spent,
>the lost cells, all burned out and being drawn back to God for
>recycling!  I will never know if it works but the process of calming
>myself in meditation seems to help ME. We each make our own vision. I
>did not want to get into a state where I thought of the cancer cells as
>invaders. You can't get out of your own body so might as well make peace
>with it. I hope you know what I am trying to say. Not that I will sit
>and twiddle my thumbs if a cure presents itself! I enjoy your postings
>as you know. I liked this one. God bless, Jeanne
>Joicy wrote:
>> As one who has never connected with "war" images as the means of beating
>> cancer, I really resonated with with the writer below. If you feel the
>> same, you might want to follow the link to read the article excerpted
>> below. love, Joicy
>> COMMENTARY: Making Peace, Not War, With Cancer: Aren't there better
>>     metaphors for healing that are more in keeping with women's innate
>>     values?
>>     [11/02/99; Los Angeles Times]
>> Three years ago, as I approached the end of chemotherapy for breast
>> cancer, I received an invitation to attend my first cancer fund-raiser.
>> I was excited by the promise of being in a room with so many
>> other women who had gone through the cancer experience. I thought
>> it would be healing for me. I invited my best friend, Susan,
>> to come along. When she hesitated, I was astonished. Then I found
>> out why. A step ahead of me, Susan had already dipped her toe
>> into the cancer culture. She tried to warn me, but I plunged
>> right in.
>> The full article can be found at:

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