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Well, my friends, James and I and Cathryn are off to Pacific Rim park on
Wednesday to spend two nights at an inn and see friends in Port Alberni
and relatives in Nanaimo. The inn faces the open Pacific. People come
from all over to see the storm action and to search the looong sandy
beaches for treasure after a big blow. We are all looking to the time
away from our familiar environment. James developing high blood pressure
and Cathryn thinking in Japanese and I,of course, subject to feelings of
outrage and fear but not TOO often. I am surprised that I am not a
quivering heap of nerves but mostly I just plain appreciate my life and
surroundings (not Work!)

As I often do, I looked out our bedroom window this morning. The window
faces out above the treetops and buildings nearby. I no longer (much)
for the sunny land but cold land of my ancestors. I will pretend I am
like Ruth in the bible who saw her children grow up knowing nothing of
her own tribal lands. After years of feeling like a visitor to this
island of rainbows and showers, I have grown to love it here. The view e
today is of misty wists of fog and vapor interwining among the trees,
the dark evergreens and varying shades of sun coloured leaves, gold up
to burgundy. I find it incredibly calming, peaceful and a good place to
pray for myself and others. I have a long list now. I think too of the
passage in the Christian bible where God gives man DOMINION to man over
all the creatures and plants of this world. It occurs to me that maybe
it was a mistake in translation, that God meant for man to be given
STEWARDSHIP instead. Certainly the wording has given us the power to
raid and plunder the resources of this world. There is the old story
(Indian legend) that when God made the earth first, which is why we call
the rocks, the grandfathers, the earth, the grandmothers, then the
plants and then the animals and finally, man. To speak to the creator,
the Indians had to go through channels, animals, trees, the earth and
rocks. Hopefully, in doing so, we would be reminded of our relationship
to all of our world and keep us humble. God blessings to you all this

Tommorrow is the Feast of All Souls, a day when we pray for the souls of
our departed. Jeanne
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