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RE: [MOL] Please read and respond

Hi Anne:  I am very proud of you.  I am a grandmother with lung cancer.
I would appreciate it if you would email me when the newsday article
comes out.  I would like to show it to my children who still smoke.
Thank you.

June Argila

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> Hi. My name is Anne R., and I'm an eighth grader at Oak Hill Middle
> School in California. My Grandmother died of lung cancer when I was
> very young, giving me a strong opinion on smoking, it's dangers, and
> my experience has made me want to help others my age and older decide
> on whether to smoke or not and convince kids like me that they
> shouldn't put their lives at risk. I am currantly writing an essay
> that will be entered in Newsweeks "My Turn" essay contest. I hope it
> will be published so that other people can see what it's like to loose
> someone you love because of smoking. Anyone who could talk to me about
> lung cancer and/or smoking, please e-mail me at a
> <> .  Thanks a
> million!
>          Sincerely,
>          Anne R.
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