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Re: [MOL] angeostatin&endostatin/reply

Dear Ryan,
Two weeks ago I found out my husband had cancer again, colon cancer with mets 
to the liver, I too cried and felt scared but after consulting doctors and 
agreeing on a treatment things are better, not perfect but tolerable. We made 
the decision that cancer will be apart of our lives and that we will find the 
blessing in this as God intends. We asked our families to pray for us but to 
please limit their phone calls as we don't want to talk it to "death". I did 
this for selfish reasons as I still start to cry when I speak it, the reason 
I think is because I hear their sadness and grief they love him too. I'm sure 
the people that are surrounding your family love your Dad and your family. 
Time will help, although this is a cliche it happens to be true. I will pray 
for you and your father. Luiza
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