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[MOL] For informational purposes, by Steve Dunn

But one hospital in the US, Staten Island University Hospital, has extended the technique to tumors elsewhere in the body (almost anywhere), and claims just excellent local control rates on treated tumors, and therefore it is useful when treating individual tumors might provide real benefit. So this treatment would appear to be appropriate when there is localized disease which is considered to be inoperable. This is commonly the case with primary liver tumors and with pancreatic tumors and they claim good results in these tumors and in many, many other situations as well. If there are many metastatic tumors then this technique is probably not appropriate because the disease is so widespread that no amount of treating individual tumors will halt the disease. On the other hand if you have a single tumor which is considered to be inoperable, or if you cannot withstand open surgery for an otherwise operable tumor, this treatment might be a real consideration. Prior radiation therapy does not preclude use of body stereotactic radiosurgery. The treatment is usually given as a series of five outpatient sessions spaced anywhere from a day to a week apart depending on the situation. Side effects, are said to be minimal in most cases, as is often not the case with conventional external beam radiotherapy.

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