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Re: [MOL] angeostatin&endostatin

Dear Ryan:
    Endostatin is currently in Phase I clinical trials at Dana Farber.  There 
were 1400 applicants the first day and they are being chosen by lottery.  The 
trial is being sponsored by the drug company Entremed.  Two other Phase I 
trials have either started or will shortly start at Anderson in Houston and U 
of Wisconsin in Madison (these two trials are sponsored by the NCI with 
slightly different criteria).  One of the criteria at Dana Farber is that the 
patient has tried every other possible modality and failed and has six months 
to live.  At Anderson they need to sample the tumors very often for change so 
in the case of my husband who has lung cancer it would be impossible to get 
to his tumor without doing a major operation. 
There has been a lot of excitement and media hype about endostatin but it has 
NEVER been tried on humans before this trial and may not fulfill its promise. 
 This happened with interleukin-2 and interferon.  I think someone on the 
list mentioned endostatin is available in Mexico but I am dubious it's the 
same thing  because it's a very unstable drug and very difficult to 
reproduce, thus the long wait since Jonas Folkman first did his work on this 
at Harvard almost 20 years ago.  Believe me, I'd like to try something like 
this on my husband who has Stage IV lung cancer.  There are other angiogensis 
agents around you might do some research on or ask your doctor about.  Sorry 
I can't be more helpful.  Good luck.  Bess
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