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Re: [MOL] My Mother=Fannie Auslander

Dear Marty,
My heart sorrows with you now.  I know how it is to suddenly lose a mother - 
my died completely unexpectedly in the middle of the night at age 43 and I 
had no chance either for a last good-bye.  But what has brought me peace 
through these last 26 years of life without her is that she didn't suffer 
long, though she was alone. I feel that the Lord was merciful in taking her 

Your mother sounds like she was a wonderful woman - strong, kind, loving, 
wise...those are the things that will live on in you, your brother, and your 
children, Marty.  Cherish those memories and keep alive for your children.

As for Barb and your absence from your mother's side, I am certain she knew 
that you are only one person, that you cannot bi-locate, and that you did the 
very best you could.  She would have wanted no more than for you to do your 
best. From what I can see, you are the very best husband, son, and father 
anyone could possibly be. My salute to your parents for that.  -chris
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