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Hi, my name is Carolyn but I am writing this for my mom Elizabeth - this
is Elizabeth's e-mail, She is 74 and has lung cancer - She's  been
struggling through chemo for almost 2 years and now is taking a much
needed break - hopefully through Christmas.  We pray for remission - 
that when she has her check up the cancer has ceased to grow.  This chemo
is really rough stuff - hardly any good days to speak of - but she's been
off it for over 2 weeks and is feeling better.  Elizabeth is new at the
mol-mailing list so this is our first attempt to get started at writing
to others for support.  Elizabeth has already identified with several
mol-mailers experiences and looks forward to learning from you and
sharing her experiences.  I'm signing off now and the next time it will
be Elizabeth who "tells it like it is."

God bless you all,

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