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[MOL] adenocarcinoma of small intestine

Hi!  I am new to this forum and newly diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of
the small intestine.  I had surgery on 10/21 to remove the tumor which
was a stage II because it had advanced into mesentery tissue right
outside of the intestinal wall.  The tissue was removed along with 16
lymph nodes which were cancer free.  I was very happy about this and am
surprised that my doctors still seem kind of grim.  I am going to start
chemo treatments (even though as far as we know, as of this day, I am
cancer free) because of it going outside of the wall.  I will have
treatment 1X a week for 24 weeks.  I was told that this is a rare type of
cancer and that they do not have much data on it and it will therefore be
treated as a colon cancer.  My chemo will be 5FU and Leucovorin.  If
anyone has any thoughts, info, suggestions or idea as to why my doctor
says I have only a 50/50 chance - please let me know.  Thanks and God

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