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[MOL] My Mother=Fannie Auslander

Good Morning,

Yesterday I received a phone message to call my Brother in Chicago. I,
then took the phone, went into the bathroom, closed the door and called
him. He told me. She was gone. Just like that. I knew for weeks she was
ill. she had a number of complications notwithstanding a liver
malignancy for which I frantically tried to send messages to Gary,my
Brother to advise that she can reverse this condition. My dilemma
was.....I could not be with her or with my Brother to support or provide
at least the possibility for one more quality day and the hope that I
could be with her, to hug her, to kiss her one more time. That I will
have to live with....My wife does not know and she will not know of this
as I am trying to help her deal with a recurrence of cancer. The stress
of her knowing would exacerbate that condition. I know my wife.

This is a time to reflect on the person, the woman..Fannie Auslander. A
woman who loved life, her husband of some 60 years, her two sons, Gary
and I and her Grandchildren. She was a person of strong will, superb
moral values, a dedicated follower of her religion, Judaism, and a
believer in the strong fibers of family ties. She was loved by all and
all that I knew that knew her, loved her. She was an extrovert who was
opinionated and I learned from her. I learned the basic differences
between right and wrong and the reasoning behind that. It is to her
legacy and testament that her two sons became professionals in business
and whom loved both her and her husband, our Father who passed away 5
years ago. Ironically they were both 86 years old and both passed away
on "Shabat" (the Sabath). So, we lift our glasses now and we sing to her
memory, the love and adoration for which she so richly deserved and we
symbolically sit "Shiva" mourners week in prayer and reflection of one
who left us with the faith that life is love.

I know many of you, who are my family, my friends, my dear loved ones,
would love to hug me as I would you at a time like this, but know of my
dilemma. I can't go to funeral on Tuesday in Chicago and can't for one
moment let on in front of Barb that our Mother is gone. But, in my heart
I know you are hugging me and supporting our desires to provide life to
those that need to know the purpose of living through their trials of a
wellness journey. Mom would want that. I know that. That is my one deep
reasoning for not feeling as guilty as I am. The fact that she knows
that Barb needs to get well. So, thank you for listening to what I have
to say. Thank you to those who love us and support us and please, please
say a prayer for my Mother, my Brother and my his family and my wife.

I guess the best thing I could say about my Mother is this......If you
knew her...you would have loved her.

God Bless You All,
marty auslander
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