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[MOL] Prospective evaluation of Paclitaxel vs. Combination Therapy in Patients with Breast Cancer...

Title: Prospective Evaluation of Paclitaxel Versus
  Combination Chemotherapy With Fluorouracil, Doxorubicin,
  and Cyclophosphamide as Neoadjuvant Therapy in Patients
  With Operable Breast Cancer
Abstract: Eva Singletary, Richard L. Theriault, Daniel J.
  Booser, Vicente Valero, Nuhad Ibrahim, Terry L. Smith,
  Lina Asmar, Debra Frye, Nikki Manuel, Shu-Wan Kau, Marsha
  McNeese, Eric Strom, Kelly Hunt, Frederick Ames, Gabriel
  N. Hortobagyi >From the University of Texas M.D. Anderson
  Cancer Center, Houston, TX. Address reprint requests to
  Aman U. Buzdar, MD, The University of Texas M.D.
Source: Journal of Clinical Oncology

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