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[MOL] New Epitopes May Broaden HER2/Neu-Based Cancer Immunotherapy

Good Morning My FRiends

HOpe I haven't been overwhelming you with all my messages and postings,
but thought some or all of these may have some merit to either providing
you with information and at least much hope.

New Epitopes May Broaden HER2/Neu-Based Cancer Immunotherapy

WESTPORT, Jul 19 (Reuters Health) - An international team of

researchers has reported several findings that have implications

for the use of HER2/neu-based immunotherapy against various

cancers.  The glycoprotein expressed by the HER2/neu proto-

oncogene "...is frequently recognized by tumor-specific CTL

[cytotoxic T lymphocyte] lines and clones derived from patients

with carcinomas," Dr.  Yang Rongcun, of Karolinska Hospital,

Stockholm, Sweden, and multicenter colleagues explain in the July

15th issue of The Journal of Immunology.



God Bless You All,
marty auslander
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