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[MOL] BRCA2 Gene Mutations

Good Morning My FRiends,

This message may be a little late and may have been posted, but if now
you may find this to be informative.

BRCA2 Gene Mutations Linked To Increased Risk Of A Variety Of


WESTPORT, Aug 04 (Reuters Health) - Mutations in BRCA2, a gene

previously associated with cancers of the breast and ovaries,

convey substantially increased risks of several other cancers,

according to a report published in the August 4th issue of the

Journal of the National Cancer Institute.  The British Cancer

Linkage Consortium studied 173 families with BRCA2 mutations,

identified at 20 medical centers throughout Europe and North

America, and compared their cancer rates with those of the

general population, according to Dr.  Douglas Easton of

Strangeways Research Laboratory in Cambridge, UK, and others.


God Bless you All,
marty auslander

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