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[MOL] About Autologous Leukapheresis

Good MOrning My FRiends,

Thought the following may be of some benefit.

Autologous Leukapheresis

ALPS: Bodily Fluid Storage May Help Cancer Patients Recover From the


New Technology From CBR Offers Cancer Patients Opportunity to Store Stem


SAN BRUNO, Calif., Sept. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Cancer patients now have

fewer missed potential treatment opportunities because of ALPS.

ALPS (Autologous Leukapheresis, Processing, and Storage) is the

collection and cryogenic storage of a person's own peripheral

(circulating) blood stem cells, and increases disease management options

available to cancer patients and oncologists.

Much heralded in the media lately, stem cells have been used

successfully in transplant for the treatment of a number of cancers and

auto-immune disorders, such as lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and breast

cancer. Stem cells are the progenitor cells that create the vital

components of blood and the immune system, and one of the fastest

growing sources of stem cells for transplant is peripheral blood.

Typically, peripheral blood stem cell collection and transplant occurs

late in a cancer patient's disease progression.

Very often attempts to collect a cancer patient's stem cells just prior

to transplant prove inadequate, resulting in a missed opportunity for

transplant and potentially life-saving stem cell rescue.

ALPS enables peripheral blood stem cell collection at anytime in a

patient's disease treatment. Collected stem cells are cryogenically

stored for the future when they may be required for immune support. This

proactive planning allows patients and doctors the opportunity to

potentially consider more aggressive treatments at anytime in disease


IS ALPS RIGHT FOR ME?, a free informational brochure for patients

recently diagnosed with cancer, possibly facing high dose chemotherapy,

and carefully considering all their treatment is available through CBR,

the nation's largest stem cell bank. IS ALPS RIGHT FOR ME? can help

cancer patients and their doctors determine if they are a possible ALPS

candidate. Those interested are encouraged to call CBR toll free at

877-227-2577 and ask for a free copy.


God Bless You All,
marty auslander
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