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[MOL] ADV: Incredible opportunity for the modern ethical businessperson!!!

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				The Consumers Essential
	The Consumers Essential offers a brand new approach to 
internet advertising, 
addressing both the consumers need for reputable companies to do 
business with and a 
businesses need for exposure to new customers that have expressed 
an interest in 
products or services offered by them.
	To run your advertisement can often cost less than a 
standard newspaper ad (often for as low as $10 for an entire week 
of advertising to thousands of people.We are able to do this by 
using the "strength in numbers" approach. This means that we 
source large groups of consumers that are interested in specific 
products or services and give them, free of charge a listing of 
reputable companies that offer exactly what they are looking for. 
In short we are the "Matchmakers of Industry", matching consumers 
with companies that offer exactly what they need. No other 
advertising agency offers such a low cost means of reaching so 
many people.	.
	Here's how it works, the consumer, whom has expressed a 
specific interest is 
forwarded a listing of companies that provide what they are 
looking for. The advertisers 
products or services are only marketed to the people that want 
what they provide (this is 
almost unheard of in traditional advertising).
The fact that we screen our advertisers for quality and integrity 
as well as offer 
the consumer the opportunity to send feedback on the companies 
advertised in  The 
Consumers Essential make us a well respected and sought-after 
resource for those 
wishing to do business with you.
        The screening process is simple, un-invasive, and takes 
approximately five minutes of your  time. We ask you a few simple 
questions about the standard operation of 
your company, and then we do a search on the business name. As 
long as no out-
standing infractions or major complaints exist in our resources 
databases you are 
approved for The Consumers Essential and your ad is run often 
within hours of sign-up.
        The screening process works for the advertisers as much 
as, if not more than it 
works for the consumer because the process is designed to "weed 
out the fly by nighters" 
and negligent companies. By doing this we make room for you the 
company that is 
dedicated to providing legitimate products and services, 
ethically and honestly.
        For a free consultation with one of our representatives, 
call this number 613-386-
2470 seven days a week from 9am to 5pm EST or just send us an 
e-mail to any of the addresses listed at the end of this message. 
We look forward to working with you 





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