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[MOL] Anvirzel, see note on Ozelle products address

Pulled up page on anvirzel. Jeanne

ANVIRZEL - Nerium Oleander
Anvirzel News update: Please bookmark this URL: ANVIRZEL

We will update with current information as it becomes available and will add your patients name to the waiting list if requested.


Established forum for patients and families interested in using anvirzel to treat a life treatening disease.

an Update: The Ozelle Pharmaceutical Company in San Antonio, Texas makes Anvirzel. It is made from the Oleander plant, using the formula of Dr. Ozel from Turkey, who had been working on it for more than twenty years in Turkey. A Dr. From Texas met Dr. Ozel, and talked him into producing it in Texas. Dr. Ozel's son is on the Ozell Pharmaceutical Company's board of governors. (Ozelle also has a subsidiary plant in San Antonio, called TexTract. This plant actually makes the anvirzel.) It is still only available in Ireland. However, the FDA (CDER division in Frederick, MD) is in the process of reviewing and hopefully approving the first clinical trials using ANVIRZEL in the U.S.

A case history:

Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 06:43:33 -0700

Subject: Sally's Malignant Pleural Effusion

From: "John Todd" srstoad@cruzio.com

To: ben@uniserve.com

Sally has been dealing with metastatic breast cancer since it was diagnosed in 1993. She had the traditional mastectomy and CMF chemo treatment. She had radiation and tamoxifen after it came back in a few spots along the scar line. She had high dose taxol, cytoxin, and adriamycin followed by a stem cell rescue after it spread to her hip bone.

Last Summer, 1998, she started to feel shortness of breath symptoms and one lymph node near her neck was swollen. The lymph node tested postitive for breast cancer. She had fluid filling up the area between her lung and the lining of the lung. Malignant pleural effusion. According to the literature, an average of 6 months survival. No known effective treatment, only things to keep her comfortable.

By December, the right lung was not functioning, and the left lung was just starting to get fluid build-up. She was on oxygen 100%, and in a wheelchair due to her extreme shortness of breath and general weakness. She had made out her will, and had gone to the mortuary to pick her coffin. She had tried a month of low dose taxol, without effect, and a month of Gemzar, also without effect.

She was sent a supply of sublingual anvirzel from a patient who had died, and started taking two cc's per day, sublingually, in January.

By March, she was significantly improved. By April, she was strong enough to go to Ireland with me to become a patient of Dr. Kelly and pick up her first supply of Irish Anvirzel. She started injecting 1 cc per day, and taking the other 1cc sublingually. Today, there is no sign of fluid in her lungs. The right lung has not re-expanded, so she is still dealing with shortness of breath, but not due to active cancer. The local oncologist could not believe it! She runs out of anvirzel on September 1st!

andy t., Santa Cruz, CA Ben - for your website's anvirzel page. andy

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