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[MOL] Biopsy Method Accurately Predicts Cancer Risk

Biopsy Method Accurately Predicts Cancer Risk
    [11/04/99; Doctor's Guide]

GAINESVILLE, FL. -- November 4, 1999 -- A simple method that packs
the diagnostic power of the Pap smear and the ease of a blood
draw can accurately predict breast cancer risk in women with
suspicious lumps or lesions, a University of Florida pathologist
reported yesterday (Nov. 3) at the American Society of Cytopathology
meeting in Sacramento, CA. 

The test, fine needle aspiration biopsy, is an increasingly popular
method of detecting malignancies, but Dr. Shahla Masood’s research
shows it also is a highly precise tool that helps determine which
patients should be closely monitored-or even treated-when a growth
is considered abnormal but not yet cancerous. The same predictive
power is available with standard excisional biopsy, but that
approach involves cutting the breast and removing a much larger
amount of tissue. 

In contrast, fine needle aspiration biopsy-commonly called FNAB-is
no more invasive, uncomfortable or time-consuming than drawing
blood, said Masood, associate chair of the department of pathology
at the UF Health Science Center/Jacksonville. Doctors use a tiny
needle to remove a sampling of breast tissue cells, which then
are screened for malignancy. 

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