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[MOL] Lillian, Update on Nisi and Boys

Hi Lil,
    It's been awhile, huh?  Well, The boys and I have tried as hard as we can 
to stay as busy as we can.  School and it's activities are keeping the guys 
hopping. I, on the other hand, have been really busy at work. Because Patrick 
and I worked together, there is also a huge void there to fill. I have found 
that trying to do both jobs has resulted in doing neither justice. The staff 
doesn't want me to hire anyone ("nobody could take Patrick's place") and has 
requested that I give those tasks that do not require licensure to them and 
then that will leave me with all the Administrator duties from both 
positions. So far, I'm not doing such a great job delegating. I guess it will 
just take time.
    The boys have good and bad days, as do I.  All four of us have had our 
birthdays since losing Patrick and a couple weeks ago was our 17th 
anniversay. It's been a rough 5 months. We are not looking forward to the 
holidays, but we know they will come anyhow. I do enjoy the guys and my new 
nephew, Patrick, of course named for his wonderful Uncle. Patrick is 4 mo old 
now and a wonderful addition to an already wonderful family. 
    Wish I could be more positive for you, but I'm just not there yet. I'll 
write more when I am. I try to help people when they request info on 
pancreatic cancer, other than that I just stay updated by reading the posts. 
You folks have been great and such a support to me and the boys that I want 
to be able to return the favor...soon.
Love you all,
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