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I went to the doctor today. My bone scan and body ct
scan looked good. He could see no evidence of any
cancer. However, because of the location of the tumor
(almost into the lining of the lungs) he wants to
start chemo. I had my first session today. I am taking
taxol and carboplatin. Other than feeling a bit tired
and wiped out I feel ok. I felt a little nausea
earlier. I haven't felt like eating. I had a donut
this morning and haven't had an appetite since. I am
goingto have I think 4 or 5 treatments. One every 3
weeks. I got all the info on everything and he gave me
my prescription for my wig. I think i amy try to go
out tomorrow and get it. I don't want to be caught
without it just in case. A nurse told me it might not
all fall out just thin. Do you know much about this

John is doing fine. He talked to the doc that does the
physicals for immigration and he said he cannot make
any recommendations. He can only take the info from
the doctors and pass it to immigration. He thinks
there is a 6-12 month waiting period before I can
file. My doctor said he would write any notes or do
anything I need him to do. This doc is great. This
center is great. They have a suppor group called
Flying colors. I have already talked to the leader and
am going to attend some of the support groups and take
the kids as well. Their dad is going to go to my
doctor as well and he may be starting chemo to. I
think they may need someone to talk to thru all this.
Otherwise they are doing great. They are calling me
"G.I. mom" being I may lose my hair. LoL. They ae
humerous about it at least.And I am learning to be. I
have a wonderful friend who took me to the doc and
stayed with me the whole time. She will take me each
time I go. It was a good support because i was really
scared and nervous.

I found out yesterday that the comapny I work for is
not bidding on the new contract. Therefore, I will be
working for someone else probably after Nov. 30. I am
hoping they take me on insurance wise. I should find
out in the next few weeks.

Ok, I have rambled enough. <g>
Hope you are doing great!



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