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[MOL] Anvirzel Marty

In addition to the clinical trials starting in Montana where this drug
would be available free (is that right, Marty). I did find that source i
found on the internet. I e-mailed the site by the way for Dan who is
already on this drug (he has leiomyosarcoma). As I mentioned he was over
to Ireland, where they have given this drug to about 100 people already.
The montana group has applied for an IND. number for a proper clinical
trial. I talked to Dan today and he was in Montana and he very much
liked the doctors at this clinic. Jeanne

The site is:

Alexandra, Sorry it's taken me so long to reply, I'm Janet and I've been
living with breast cancer for almost four years.  I've had bone mets
are seemingly in remission after taking a new drug called Anvirzel.  It
works to block the blood supply to a tumor and builds the immune system
along the way.  I've been on it since the end of May.  In the overall I
much better but I was on a "supposedly" much more effective chemo than
Taxotere or Taxol, even a new drug called "capsitobean" (I don't know
it's spelled) is suppposed to be much more effective at knocking down
cancer cells.  The Anvirzel is supposedly up for compassionate use
which wouldn't cost you anything but travel to Montana.  The Doc I've
working with is in Kalispell- Dr. Dwight McKee.  406-755-3512.  He's in
Boston at the moment should be back November 5, 1999.  The Anvirzel
$150 a vile for ten days.  It was miraculous for me.  I went from having
shooting pains down my legs due to a tumor in my spine to having no pain
whatsoever after two weeks of daily Anvirzel shots. All that stopped the
second week of June.  I warn you, it is not the easiest course of
action.  I
still have pain at the injection site every night.  Since the FDA has
yet approved Anvirzel, I had to go to Ireland to get the drug.  There
now people involved who will go for those of us who cannot travel. 
now the cost is $1800 for three months supply, plus whatever they want
doing the transporting, I've paid $100 but someone wanted $150.  I also
with a chiropractor in Boulder who helps me buffer the drugs.  She has
gotten me through high dose chemo and all the lousy drug responses I've
over the years.  Her name is Rain Crow.  She is very expensive, and the
I found out about the Anvirzel, but she is very effective.  Her number
303-449-7388.  She might give you a consult over the phone, but she
needs to
see you to put you on her biocomputer.  She has been a life saver.  I
feel for you in your situation.  I don't know any organizations that
be able to help you at this time. I'll let you know if I hear of
anything or

Meanwhile, I place you in the Light for your healing and full recovery. 
you can find a way to do the Anvirzel it has worked miracles for several
women.  An older woman in Oregon had brain, bone and lung mets and a
combination of Taxol and Anvirzel worked, her CT scans are completely
!!!   The chemo knock sdown the tumor load so that the Anvirzel can
the blood supply.  It can take up to six months to really get on top of
cancer that seems determined to grow, but no one has died on the
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