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[MOL] hi, i'm hoping to speak to you about oncology

Hi, I'm a Middle Schooler looking for help(answers) on some questions about 
oncology for a research project. The research project was for everyone in our 
class to pick a career and then find information about it, like what schools 
you would have to go to, and if you would need a masters degree, and what you 
would be working with and what you were actully doing. I went to different 
search enjins to look up stuff on oncology, but all i could find was like 
support groups and talk about different cancers.; nothing that i was really 
looking for. I need to know about training and things that i need to work 
with and different medicins and how different cancers are treated in 
different ways. I'm specificlly trying to find out about hematology oncology 
but i would love to know anything about oncology that you think might be 
useful to me in this situation. thank you so much for you time, i hope you 
have a great day!
ps. if you could get back to me tomorrow(novermber 4, 1999) that would be the 
best, thanks again!
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