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RE: [MOL] Kathy...thank you.

Dear Kathy,

I am so happy for you...Gosh.  Congradulations on reclaiming your life--it 
takes so much courage, but I guess when you have the right motivation...

How grim was your diagnosis? (If you don't mind sharing).  For my mom it was 
not too bad, however, things have gotten a hell of a lot worse I think.  The 
cancer (which she was diagnosed with last year) is likely back and there is 
also a mass on her lungs (which we feel may be lung cancer--She has been a 
smoker for over 25 years).

I watched my mom in ICU for a week and a half last year and I thought for 
sure she was dying...but she made it through.  I keep reminding myself of 
that when I worry about the results of her most recent tests (which will 
tell us whether or not the cancer has returned).

I am so proud that you made the decision to take control of your life, it's 
just too bad that it had to happen in this particular way.  I can't believe 
your husband was unfaithful to you during treatments...JERK!!!  But you are 
in LOVE and that is so WONDERFUL!
I am truly happy for you.  I have come to realize that there is nothing on 
this earth more important that family and friends and I can honestly say I 
am the luckiest gril in the world as mine are wonderful.

I wish my mom could be more like you.  She is positive but she still sticks 
to her old habits.  She is very overweight and she doesn't do much to remedy 
it.  She finally stopped drinking coke (which she would hide from me as I 
dissaproved of her excess consumption) and she's following a nutritional 
plan now.  Thank goodness.  I just want her to be happy...she's had it 

Actually, you had said that you got really sick from your chemo treatments, 
right?  My mom was sick, but nothing like what we had expected.  Her hair 
only thinned slightly and she was able to work (full time) with only a few 
days here and there off.

She is my hero...just like many of you are.  I would appreciate your support 
as I'm sure I'll need it very soon.  We find out the results of her cat scan 
on friday.  I'm scared to death.

Take care of yourself,
talk to you soon...Andrea

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