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Re: [MOL] Thanks Dusti


Thanks for telling me your story.  I do feel alone all the time but I agree 
with you--this forum really does help.  At first when I started reading all 
theses stories (of others just like me) trying to cope, I would cry.  I felt 
so bad that this disease has hurt so many people.  Now, I find I still well 
up with tears, however, I learn from the things being shared.

I love that people here are not just "other people" but friends who offer 
support.  I greatly appreciate yours.

I wanted to tell you that I too, have started praying.  I'm not a deeply 
religious person, but I know someone is up there looking down upon me.

I hope things are not too rough for you at home (with such a full house), 
and I wish you all the luck.

Thanks again and take care,

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