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RE: [MOL] Chicken Soup for the Singles Soul....Lil

Hi Lil:  I can never open your chicken soup and last evening I tried to
go to the Mol Album and this time I couldn't find it.  I am using the
same address that let me get to most of it last time I tried but
wouldn't let me get past Nancy's picture.  I told you that part already.


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> Have some chicken soup
> and get well soon.
>  << File: Chicken Soup Bkgrd.gif >>  Get Well 
> Get Well
> It's here ... another new one ... and WHAT a new one! Chicken Soup for
> the Single's Soul brings you heartwarming and inspiring stories
> written by and about other singles who are divorced, widowed or have
> been single all of their lives. Read from such chapters as Single and
> Happy, Dating, Finding Your Mate, Losing a Partner and Single
> Parenting to find stories of love and laughter, mixed with a little
> wisdom and a whole lot of inspiration. This book makes a great gift
> for anyone who is single or single again. Available at bookstores
> everywhere or visit our website at <> to
> order this or any of the other books in the beloved series. 
> The Drawer Wouldn't Close 
> "I'm sorry, Ma'am. There must be a mistake. We have your husband
> scheduled as being on vacation." 
> The voice on the other end of the line spoke in carefully arranged
> words. 
> "Vacation! No, no. He's supposed to be on a business trip." 
> "I'm sorry." Pause. The voice began to falter a little as we both
> realized what was happening. "We have no information about a business
> trip." 
> And so it was that a life that began in bliss ended in betrayal. 
> It's not a cliche when it's your life. 
> My husband had kissed me tenderly before he left for the airport that
> day. "You've never looked more beautiful," he said. "Don't forget
> Wednesday is our date night. I love you." 
> I had noted how handsome he was, as always, with his tall frame,
> salt-and-pepper hair, and a sharp business suit. After 32 years of
> marriage, three children andthree grandchildren, I could honestly say
> my heart still flip-flopped every time he walked in the door. 
> After he left, though, I spent the day fighting off an unusual feeling
> of loneliness. Blaming it on the dreary weather, I spent the day by
> the fire with a book until I finally retired, still uneasy. At 6 a.m.
> I awoke feeling that something was very wrong. Thinking I'd had a bad
> dream, I waited for the panic to pass, but it didn't. Finally I
> decided to do something I almost never did: phone my husband at his
> hotel. Every night when he was away on business he would phone me. I
> had never felt the need to call myself. This time I did. 
> It was after the hotel call, the one where a desk clerk finds "no one
> registered under that name," that I called the office hoping for a
> hotel mix-up. 
> A few months later, my husband filed for divorce. 
> A few years later, still working through the pain, I began leading
> divorce recovery workshop groups at my local church. I had endured
> personal loss, defeat and rejection. I had dealt with the pain my
> family had to bear on my behalf. My deepest wounds, though, had been
> self-inflicted, brought on by my anger at being an unwilling
> participant in a divorce. 
> While doing housework one day, I was thinking about how much pain I
> could have avoided-and others could, too-when I suddenly turned off
> the vacuum and sat down with a notepad and pen. I began writing. Page
> after page. Spilling out words of healing, a few lines at a time. 
> When I ran out of thoughts, I looked at the pages and shrugged,
> wondering what it was all about. Then I stuck them in a desk drawer. 
> Yet I kept feeling the urge to get those notes out and read them
> again. 
> After a while, I did, and was surprised to find that they read like
> greeting card verses. Where was I going with this? I had no funds to
> hire an artist or pay a printer. I put the notes back in the drawer. 
> The nudgings continued. Then it occurred to me that I did know one
> artist. 
> Without giving myself a chance to back out, I called my former husband
> and in a rush of words, preluded with "This is strictly business," I
> told him my idea. 
> He asked me to read some of the verses, then after hearing a few said
> he'd love to design original watercolor art for them. He would provide
> funds for printing costs, as well. 
> A week later, my former husband delivered to my door a bouquet of
> eight beautiful watercolors, all perfectly matching the emotion of my
> verses. 
> I named the cards "Ex's & Oh's." 
> A front-page article about my venture and my unique partnership with
> my ex-husband appeared in the business section of the Colorado Springs
> newspaper. The story was picked up by the Associated Press, generating
> phone calls from across the country. I did radio, television and
> newspaper interviews, and even got a call inviting me to be a guest on
> the "Today Show." 
> Thanks to all this publicity, "Ex's & Oh's" have been sent to spouses,
> children, parents, in-laws and friends going through divorce. And the
> calls that have meant the most to me by far haven't been from media.
> They've been from individuals who have told me how they've used the
> greeting cards to work through the "I'll-get-you-back" kind of pain
> that can be the most debilitating in a divorce. 
> One woman who ordered the greeting cards wrote me saying, "Thank you
> for being a light in the darkness." 
> That's what astonishes me the most about all this. God had plans for
> me. 
> He somehow squeezed light from the darkest moments of my life. 
> I had a drawer that wouldn't close. So I looked inside it. And I found
> the plans for a new life. 
> Jan Nations
> from Chicken Soup for the Single's Soul 
> by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Jennifer Read 
> Hawthorne and Marci Shimoff copyright 1999 Canfield and Hansen 
> Warmly, lillian 
> We invite you to take a look at our
> Album.                                                
> <> 
>   ( Very informational, good tips, Molers pictures, art work and much
> more....
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