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[MOL] Anti-Cancer Campaign

Boston Launches an Anti-Cancer Campaign
    [11/02/99; New York Times (Free Registration Required)]

BOSTON -- Cities often undertake campaigns to fight crime or litter. 

This city is fighting its No. 1 killer: cancer. 

Over the last few days, every household in Boston, in theory,
has been mailed a brochure describing how to prevent cancer and 
to detect it early if it develops. 

The quarter-million English-and-Spanish brochures, Boston's largest 
public health mailing ever, are the flashiest element of the city's 
"crusade against cancer," but they are only one of many. 

Boston's municipal employees are allowed to take four hours off each
for cancer screening -- a rule that city officials say was the only one
its kind in the nation until Springfield, Mass., adopted a similar rule 
this week.  Over the last several months, about 1,600 chemotherapy 
patients have been given free rides to and from their sessions, thanks 
to hospitals and taxis participating in the city's crusade. 

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